Male opinion: Why are women unhappy?

Throughout life, women feel more unhappy than men, testifies to research. And the fault of this, of course, is the “strong” floor. Is this contradiction insoluble? Columonist Tim Lott saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The new study of the National Health Service shows that women feel more unhappy than men, and throughout their lives. Rather, up to 80 years, when their companions for the most part are already going into a different world. The picture is not very inspiring: women remain unhappy until their men die … It sounds unflattering for men, but for women it is still worse – they are real poor fellow.

The story with Weinstein (Harry Weinstein, a Hollywood producer accused of sexual harassment) showed us that men who have power may pose a threat. But now it turns out that the most ordinary men are also toxic. Let’s not forget about the context: according to statistics, the probability of committing suicide in men is three times higher. But as for the daily discontent with life, here women are ahead of us in all respects.

For any person who divides the feminist beliefs at least somewhat divided, this is indisputable evidence that men are punishment and burden. And in addition, they are also egoists who make women unhappy.

24% of women aged 45 to 54 can be attributed to mentally ill. Kate Lovett, dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, adds that these days “all the burden of homework and care for the family is mostly lying on women”. In old age, women do not feel so unhappy, because they no longer have to take care of children and elderly parents. It turns out that the only one who still poisons his life is a husband.

Further analysis of the received numbers confirms that the problem is in men. At the age of 65, men more often than women experience mental problems – 19% and 14%, respectively. The fact is that lonely men, widowers or divorced, are more likely to fall into depression.

See the difference? For women, on the contrary: it is married who are more likely to feel unhappy.

A very remarkable comment was left under the article, talking about the aforementioned study. He spoke about his grandmother, who hated her husband so much that when he

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